AMR and SMART meter rule changes

AMR and SMART meter

From the 5th December 2020, all UK businesses are legally obligated to have either an AMR or a SMART meter installed on their property.


What are AMR meters?

An AMR meter gives the info for the kWh info and the possible peak demand for the kWh for the month. They only communicate between the customer and the energy supplier, using SMS technology (the same technology that you use on your phone) to transmit the data across.

If you are thinking of getting an AMR, you will have to check with your provider on the installation/rental costs. On top of this, the transmission of the data does come at a cost.


What are SMART meters?

SMART meters work slightly differently to AMR meters. They use something called a ‘HAN’ network- the same network that your Wi-Fi router uses. They offer you much more information – showing everything that the AMR would show you, as well as your daily usage, voltage info, and outage info. Optionally, you can have a display which will show you the amount of money you are spending on energy in real-time.

Your provider will be able to tell you more about the price to install your own SMART meter, however it is good to know that your transmission is free of charge after the device is installed.


Can I get an AMR/SMART Meter?

Anyone can choose a SMART or AMR meter – but if you come under the term of a ‘Micro Business’ (turnover of less than £632,000 and/or under 10 employees) then you qualify for a new SMART meter, which – again – should be installed by the 5th December 2020.


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