Review Your Business Telecoms Costs

Lady working from home

Communication has never been more vital to businesses and as we adapt to the new style of working there are a handful of new issues to consider, therefore, now would be the ideal time to assess your business communication systems and check they are up to standard whilst also reviewing your telecoms packages to keep running costs to a minimum.

Due to the current pandemic, you may have had to make certain alterations to the way you work which could include staff working from home.  During this time we would expect data packages, call bundles, data storage, and all aspects of telephony to be under stress during this period of time, and if left unsupervised they may incur unplanned overspending.

We suggest that all businesses evaluate the following areas:


Landlines and Calls

Many businesses will have experienced a rapid spike in call volumes. This is because employees are working from home across the country, and are having to carry out customer service calls to clients. In some cases, call volumes will be capped at a monthly allowance because of this it is worth checking with your provider that you will not be overcharged for going over the limit.

Some deals will include conference call abilities which are essential at the moment. Check whether or not this is included in your contract and also if there are any restrictions. For instance, some are limited to 10 people on a conference call at any one time – so you may want to increase your package costs for a short period of time.


Broadband and Data Connectivity

Many of these are currently working from home will be connecting to work systems via home broadband which may not always be fit for purpose. Home broadband does not necessarily provide the fastest connection. You may wish to consider providing additional mobile data to your staff through their business mobile contract.


Work Moblie 

Normally, the most cost-effective business mobile contracts are set up with group packages where data and call allowances are allocated to the business as a whole and then are distributed amongst the users. This works well when mobiles are used for business trips but,  now the mobiles may be being used far more desk phones therefore businesses may easily exceed their limits for which they may be charged.

Buying used/refurbished handsets could be a great way to save money on your business mobile portfolio as they are far cheaper than brand new mobiles, you could also utilize any spare handsets you may have and just pay for a SIM-only contract which is much more affordable.

Green Jellyfish can check your contracts to check that you have everything you need and we can check that your call packages suit your business needs at this present time.


Data and Reporting

Access to the right information on your business communication systems can aid you in understanding staff activity and the ability to visible see how your packages are being spent. We have access to systems that produce daily cost reports allowing insight into how data packages are structured additionally you could get alerts so you know in advance if you are set to go over your limits. If this does happen you could then choose to either restrict some services or add extra bundles if the budget allows.

Business telecoms ideally would be set up to be flexible allowing your business to adapt to any external factors however, you don’t need to delve into the depths of telecommunication despair.


Use Green Jellyfish’s free, bespoke service. To arrange a telecoms audit for your business, please Get In Touch today!