The Benefits of Working From Home

man working from home

Opinions are split on whether working from home is beneficial to businesses or not. Some feel they are more productive when working from home, others feel they are more likely to get distracted. 

Recent studies suggest that working from home (for the right people) can actually improve productivity and reduce stress. The analysis also implies that businesses that encourage and support working from home may actually save money in the long run (an added bonus for the employer).

There are certain industries that adopted WFH early on, such as the tech industry. Many companies these days are web-based and/or are utilising the great technologies out there such as video calls, team conference calls, screen sharing and secure VPN networks. With such technology, we can all stay connected, almost as well as we could if we were all working in the office.

One for all, all for one

When it comes to a company’s work from home policy, everyone is different. The overall productivity of you and your team will depend on your preferred work style. We’re all different, and some of us can’t comprehend the idea of working from home with a TV so nearby. Meanwhile, others may find it harder to concentrate with all the workplace chatter. 

How productive you are while working from home will largely depend on the type of job you do. A study conducted by the University of Illinois found out that telecommuters performed as well as their in-office co-workers and according to the study these remote workers want to be seen as hard workers in order to justify their flexible working agreement. 

The Health Benefits

There are many positives to working from home for a period of time, various people who work from home have found it easier to strike a better, more manageable work-life balance. Doing this can also enable you to have more time to spend with your family and as a result, can lead to you feeling less stressed, which can point to a more positive and productive workday.

Today, offices remain a hugely vital part of businesses. However, offices are o longer constrained to the hours of 9-5. Some colleagues may have to commute long distances to get in and for some, the commute can take many hours due to traffic and as a result, can come into the office either exhausted and/or frustrated before the day has even begun.

Working from Home

During the Covid crisis, many companies have certainly experienced the positives of flexible home working. It’s changing the way we work. While it may not be for everyone, some employers may find that it can increase the productivity of some of their employees, especially those who may live further out.