If you pay business rates, you’ll know that this is one of the most significant costs faced by companies operating in commercial premises.

It’s a considerable sum to shell out each year, so it’s crazy that many organisations never even question the calculation of their rates.

Extortionate business rates are one of the main reasons failed businesses give for their eventual collapse.

Don’t let this be your business when we can help you do something about it.

  • Challenge your rateable value

    Is the calculation correct?

    Our consultants will make sure that the rateable value of your premises is correctly calculated. The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) set the rates, but you can present them with a case for a rate reduction for many different scenarios.

    Rate reduction reasons include:

    • Noise issues
    • Access impediments
    • Loss of parking facilities
    • Construction works
    • Damage to property

    Adjust your business rate

    Most importantly, we can make sure your rates are benchmarked against those on comparable or adjoining properties. Even temporary adjustments can bring costs down significantly.

  • Make sure your bill analysis is correct

    Get a Rate audit

    A proper business rate audit will help you ensure none of the data the VOA is working with is inaccurate. Our experts have the knowledge to check and interrogate this data to identify anything that doesn’t add up.

    Are you paying too much?

    Don’t get stuck paying too much when simple errors can be spotted and corrected. We’ll take the paperwork away and look into everything thoroughly on your behalf.

    We’ll challenge it

    If there’s any dispute, we will put together a case to challenge your business rates and then submit it to the VOA for you. If the case goes to appeal, we’ll handle that too.