Are you looking for a new mortgage or do you want to re-mortgage a property?

Our partnership with the Mortgage Advice Bureau means you have access to expert advice when making your application.

Together, we’ll make sure that you find the best possible deal from a wide range of lenders.

Benefits of using our mortgage services

  • You can have a joint meeting with the Mortgage Advice Bureau and us to go through your finances to assess mortgage potential.

  • You can get guidance on the mortgage applications that are likely to be successful if you apply.

  • You can gain access to exclusive lender deals not available to consumers.

  • We can complete the paperwork for you and make sure everything is correct.

  • Our expert partner can take you through all the costs and features of a mortgage, so you can understand precisely what it entails.

  • We’ll keep you in the loop throughout the mortgage process and be there to answer any questions you might have.

Too often, customers approach lenders and are turned away for mortgages they could certainly afford.

By going through the Green Jellyfish Mortgage Service, you’ll have expert assistance throughout the process.

The Mortgage Advice Bureau know how to make sure you can find a great, affordable deal from one of their range of high-quality lenders.

With our team on board to help complete your application, you’ll stand a better chance of securing the mortgage you want.

We’ll ensure that you don’t waste time applying for mortgages that you have no chance of securing.

Instead, you’ll be offered a variety of suitable mortgages to apply for, safe in the knowledge you stand an excellent chance of being successful.