It’s hard to find exactly what you need and make sure you get a good business telecoms deal without expert help.

However, you don’t need to languish in the depths of telecommunications despair.

Use Green Jellyfish’s free, bespoke service, and we provide expert consultancy too.

6 common mistakes when paying for business telecoms:

  • 1

    Wasted service

    Paying for services that go unused.

  • 2

    Suffering slow speeds

    Making do with slow or inadequate internet speeds.

  • 3


    Sticking with your provider because it takes less time than searching for a new deal.

  • 4

    No flexibility

    Missing out on savings by sticking with traditional solutions.

  • 5

    Paying over the odds

    Spending too much on a service that doesn’t meet their needs.

  • 6

    Signing up for long-term contracts

    Getting locked into lengthy deals which trap you for longer than you’d like.

If you are on the wrong deal, you’ll be spending extra money on telecoms that could be put to better use in another part of your business.

As telecoms consultants, we know the latest solutions on the market, alternative options to your current systems that could suit you better and how to help you plan for any projected growth.

How it works

  • 1 Making contact

    Making contact

    Get in touch and we can set up a face-to-face meeting or a phone call.

  • 2 Dive into the detail

    Dive into the detail

    We’ll find out precisely what you have, what you need and who you are currently with.

  • 3 Hook a new deal

    Hook a new deal

    We’ll go out to our providers and find some exclusive deals that will help you reduce costs and boost functionality.

  • 4 Make the switch

    Make the switch

    We’ll present you with some fantastic options, you pick the one you want and then we’ll make the switch happen.

What to expect

  • It's free!

    You literally have nothing to lose as we do all the hard work and then collect a commission from the providers themselves.

  • Comprehensive

    You don’t need to keep up with the latest solutions or packages, we’re all over it.

  • Pro-active searches

    It’s continuous – every year, we’ll be proactively searching for your next deal before you reach the contract end.