Many businesses don’t pay attention to their water premiums because they mistakenly think there is only one provider in town for them.

But that’s just for domestic water bills, not the business variety. At Green Jellyfish, we’re experts in the water business – we are marine life-enthusiasts, after all!

We’re ready to bust the myth that you are stuck with the provider you already have.

Fresh water thinking for business water bills

  • You can switch business water provider

    You can swap to a cheaper provider if you are a business customer.

  • Better deals available

    By checking your tariff and usage, you can find a better deal.

  • We do it for you

    All we need to get you set up is a copy of your water bill and a chat about your requirements.

Instead of palming you off on a chatbot or digital platform, our consultants come to meet you face-to-face or speak over the phone if that’s easier.

This personal approach allows us to ensure we understand precisely the level of cover you need, the price you are currently paying and who your provider is. From there, we do all the hard work, while you focus on what really matters for your business.

Let us make sure that you aren’t spending more than you need to.

Remember, if you are overpaying on your water bill or any other essential business cost, that’s money that isn’t going into other areas of your business.

Every year, we’ll check again for you without any prompting. You can rely on our continuous support and we guarantee you’ll never pay us a penny for this bespoke, proactive service.